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Established 1981


Final Auditions will be held
 Monday 20 January 2020 between 8.00 p.m. and 10.00 p.m.

at St Mark's Community Centre, Barton Rd, Newnham, Cambridge, CB3 9JZ.
The auditions will be by appointment. Please email Joyce Fenton
to arrange an audition slot.

Cast Requirements & Playing Ages - 5M & 6F

Theatrical impresario and the ‘Sun’ around which all of the other characters orbit in the play. Preening, neurotic and aging (but not as much as he fears) he creates chaos and disorder whilst genuinely being aghast at the mayhem he causes. He's one of the most autobiographical of Noel Coward’s creations.
LIZ ESSENDINE (40s / 50s)
Garry’s wife (who ‘never got around’ to divorcing him). Beautiful, elegant, charming, sensible and pragmatic, Liz brings (some) order to the madness, rescuing Garry from the results of his inability to refuse anyone, especially whilst drunk.
MORRIS DIXON (late 30s / early 40s)
One of Garry’s business partners along with Monica, Liz and Henry. They form a quartet of close friends to Garry who help to manage his career against the odds. He's having an affair with Joanna and betraying his friend Henry. Younger and more good looking than Henry, he's wracked with guilt.
HENRY LYPPIATT (40s / 50s)
Wealthier, slightly older statesman of the group, businessman and theatrical financier. More down to earth than the rest of the friends and somewhat pragmatic; cuckolded, but surprisingly also a cuckolder, it transpires!
Exquisitely gowned, in her early thirties, assured and charming. She seduces Henry and marries him, then Morris and finally the man himself as she works her way towards the center of their universe, Garry. She's a coolly seductive temptress who nonetheless has obvious charms. She can't break into the orbit of the main characters, however hard she tries!
MONICA REED (40s / 60s)
Pleasant, austere, with more maturity than her years. Could be played as Scottish. She’s Garry’s secretary and confidante, who merely ensures that chaos doesn’t fully break out. She has the battle-weary demeanor of someone who's experienced the carnage of seventeen years of secretarial service and has seen it all ...
FRED (Garry’s Valet, 20s)
Young, dapper and cheeky, he's Garry’s valet and picks up many of the pieces in his wake. He's a ladies’ man, an ex-steward on a ship, and whistles inappropriately. He appears and disappears moving the various paramours and
protagonists from scene to scene.
MISS ERIKSON (50s / 60s)
Vogue looking Swedish housekeeper of indeterminate age. She's an unusual cook and maker of curried coffee. She drifts through the action largely oblivious to it, and is nearly always smoking a cigarette. She has unusual beliefs.

Debutante and stalker of Garry. The play opens with her on the telephone to her friend bragging of her conquest of Garry the night before. She's in love with the idea of Garry, and convinces herself that she'ss fully in love with him by the end of the play.
Playwright and stalker of Garry. An earnest young man who's petrified upon his initial meeting, dismissive of Garry’s artistic achievements. After developing a crush on Garry, he promises to leave Uckfield forever and follow him to Africa.
Daphne’s aunt, a majestic but rather effusive society woman. She imperiously dominates the scene as Daphne’s
unwitting stooge in order that Daphne can see Garry again.

For further information, please email David Sear