Our Current Production

July 2017

Alan Ayckbourn takes the Pygmalion myth on a wild and comic ride into a future where television soaps are performed
by robot actors (actoids). On the way, he explores what makes us human as opposed to purely logical machines.
His answers are, triumphantly and riotously , Comedy and Love, as a robot actress discovers a weakness
for both and learns how to stand on her own two feet through the love of a good man and the power of the well-aimed custard pie.

As Westworld collides with My Fair Lady, this is a highly entertaining celebration of romance
and a master-class in comedy from the funniest playwright in the business, as well as proving that Love means never having to say that you're Android.

A funny, fascinating, surprisingly moving inquiry into what it means to be human ... an evening of pure pleasure - The Daily Telegraph
An astute, big-hearted play that, even as it makes us laugh, asks why we do so - Financial Times
A masterpiece - New York Times

JCF 3133 Jacie Triplethree   Alex Ciupka
Adam Trainsmith   Alex Baines
Chandler (Chance) Tate   Colin Lawrence
Carla Pepperbloom   Mandi Cattell
Prim Spring   Sarah Middle
Trudi Floote / Woman in Restaurant / Woman in Shop   Helen Holgate
Young Man / Farmer /  Turkey   Robin Bailes
Marmion / Desk Clerk / Waiter   Mike Milne
Doctor / Lester Trainsmith / Man in Shop / Man in Restaurant   Nick Warburton
Mother / Farmer's Wife / Sales Assistant / Prostitute   Izzy Rees
Production Team
Director   Barry Brown
Assistant Director & ASM Script   Joyce Fenton
Master Carpenter   Martin Avery
Set Construction   The Lolworth Team
Stage Manager   Rachel Chapman
Deputy Stage Manager   Kitty Foster
Technical Director   Alex Brett
Lighting Design   Dominic Plunkett
Music, Film & Sound Design   Barney Brown
Sound Operator   Martin Avery
Costume Supervisor   Rachel Torrens
ASM Properties   Kate Crofts
Choreographer   Emma Olley
Hair & Make Up Supervision   Hannah Curtis
Publicity   Sean Baker
Finance   Colin Lawrence
Front-of-House Arrangements   Rosemary Eason
Photographs   Sophie Wilson

Further information from: barrybrown@bawds.org

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