Cambridge's leading amateur theatre production company

Established 1981

From Me To You
an Oxfam Charity Appeal evening   produced by Nick Warburton & Richard Brown

The Round Church, Cambridge, 10 February 2006

  1. Managing Director
The sum raised for Oxfam was £657.04

Those taking part

Mark Bak, Denis Bartlett, Derek Brown, Gill Brown, Richard Brown, Roz Brown, Mandi Cattell, Brenda Cottis, Ken Eason, Rosemary Eason, Laurence Evans, Ian Favell, Madeleine Forrester, David Foyle, Paul Gaskell, Carol Gerza, Sara Halse, Ellen Hindley, Geraldine Hindley, Michael Husband, Rosemary Jolley, Robin Lewsey, Colin Lawrence, Lindsaey McAuley, Colin McLean, Cathy McCluskey, Gloria Milne, Mike Milne, Emarald O'Hanrahan, Fabienne Posseme-Evans, Brian Perrett, David Philpott, Lucinda Sparrow, Graham Waterhouse, Nick Warburton, Suzanne Williams, Rosie Wilson