Cambridge's leading amateur theatre production company

Established 1981

Michael made his debut for Bawds in THE TINDERBOX & OTHER STORIES (Tobin), he then appeared in AND A NIGHTINGALE SANG (pictured above as George Stott).  Other appearances include DAVID COPPERFIELD (The Bailiff) and CALENDAR GIRLS (John).

Other acting roles in and around Cambridge include HABEAS CORPUS (Mr Shanks), ANDROCLES AND THE LION (Ferovious), TEECHERS (Salty & Mr Nixon - twice), JOURNEY'S END (Lt. Trotter), WEST SIDE STORY (Officer Krupke), OUR COUNTRY'S GOOD (Major Ross & Ketch), HEART'S DESIRE (Brian), TWO (All 7 male characters), SOUTH PACIFIC (Stewpot), CRAZY FOR YOU (Bella Zangler), KISS ME, KATE (Harrison Howell), COLOURS (Fergus O'Donnell), SLEEPING BEAUTY (Feathers), THE WITCHES OF EASTWICK (Homer Perly), HOBSON'S CHOICE (Tubby Wadlow), FOUR NIGHTS IN KNARESBOROUGH (Becket / Wigmore / Visitor), MOTHER GOOSE (Vinny), LUCKY SODS (Norman), THE PIED PIPER (Fritz), LOVE IN A GLASS JAR (Patrick - Best Actor Award at Cambridge Drama Festival 2010), WITNESS (Judas Iscariot), JACK AND THE BEANSTALK (Lawrence Loada-Lolly), ARRIVAL (Bernard) PURVIS (Title role), LOOK WHO'S TALKING (Andrew) LADY GLANVILLE'S FRITILLARY (Keith), COMMUNICATING DOORS (Harold Palmer), DICK WHITTINGTON (Alderman Fitzwarren), HEARTS AND ARROWS (Old Tom), THE GIRL IN THE GLASS (Private Harper / Sir Thurston Benbridge / Ernest Bissett) and more recently JACK AND THE BEANSTALK (as one half of a pantomime cow!).

Directing credits include THE DONAHUE SISTERS and HOUSE AND GARDEN. Writing credits include THE TAXI DRIVER'S PRINCESS.

Michael Husband

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